As the owner of a small business, I know how important it is to our economic success to keep spending down and taxes low. Wyoming businesses and families control their spending, so should Cheyenne. I will continue fighting to keep Cheyenne spending in check with low taxes and a state government that lives within its means.
– Dave Kinskey


Protecting Wyoming Seniors
I have supported common sense legislation that has protected our seniors, helping them stay in their homes while at the same time saving taxpayer dollars and reducing burdens on our family and friends who act as caregivers to our seniors.

Defending Wyoming Land
Our constitutional property rights are under attack and in danger of being stripped away by an out-of-control federal government. This is a direct assault on our freedoms and I will continue to fight to ensure our rights are strengthened and protected.

Supporting Wyoming Agriculture
Raised in northeastern Wyoming working in my family’s dairy processing plant I learned the values of hard work, sacrifice, attitude and grit that are the bedrocks of our Agricultural based economy. Stopping the ever-growing list of burdensome regulations placed on our farmers and ranchers remains a top priority. I will ensure that water resources and access to public land are not taken away from our farmers and ranchers.

Shoring Up Wyoming Water
Water is life and prosperity in Wyoming. We need water for our homes, our food and our industry. I will continue to carefully track and support future water projects to ensure that we continue to have access to clean, dependable water. I’ll fight big government power grabs that put barriers between citizens and our water.

Keeping Wyoming Moving Forward
• Listening to You
• Fighting against federal government over-reach
• Controlling the size and scope of government
• Stopping tax increases
• Keeping government spending in check
• Protecting our values and principles


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